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Elite Care Foundation started in Titwala, Thane in the year 2018 to offer comprehensive treatment and community based Psychosocial Rehabilitation. Today, Elite Care Foundation provides Residential Care facilities for about 20 inpatients through main facility in Thane. Elite Care Foundation has a staff team of more than 100 that includes, Trained Mental Health Professionals like Psychiatric Social Workers, Psychiatrists, and trained Psychiatric Nurses.

Mental Illness / Mental Disorder

Our team of enthusiastic marketers will analyse and evaluate your problems

Psychological Disorders

Once the analysis is completed our staff looks for fresh opportunities


With all the information in place you will be presented with a written action plan

Elite Care Foundation is able to offer patients in our recovery program the medical and mental health support needed to ensure that they can withdraw from the substances they have been abusing without risk to their health or wellbeing. But sadly, some men and women choose to attempt the withdrawal process without the help of a supervised recovery program. When this happens, a person is more likely to relapse and become further embedded in the cycle of addiction when foregoing treatment in a recovery program. Over time, multiple failed withdrawal attempts will serve to worse one’s addictive behaviors, and the damages that substance abuse is known to bring about will only multiply. Fortunately, with help from a quality treatment program such as Elite Care Foundation, men and women who have battled addiction can avoid these perils and begin the healing process in our detox program with comprehensive support. Our staff is available to answer any questions you have about our detox services, or any other aspect of treatment at our center. We hope that you will contact us soon to learn more about overcoming addiction with the help of our recovery program and treatment from Elite Care Foundation.


Recovery Programmes

  • One-to-one Counselling
  • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy
  • Group Therapy
  • Fitness and Massage
  • Yoga & Meditation
  • Relapse Prevention Techniques
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About the team

I am proud to lead a team of talented and dedicated professionals who possess a wealth of knowledge and expertise. I am even more proud of the degree to which these professionals are focused on providing individuals care in an atmosphere of, dignity, and respect. This focus on personalized compassionate care is at the core of everything we do at Elite Care Foundation.

Rahul Kute

Founder and CEO


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